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How to reuse old sarees at home

How to reuse old sarees at home

How to reuse old sarees at home: The Saree is the most widely worn in India and it is the main outfit here. Nowadays its trend is decreasing and more attention is being paid to Weston dress.

If you have any old saree like silk saree, cotton saree, georgette saree, siphon saree, border saree, south cotton, Brasso saree, etc. You can also sell old sarees at good prices.

You can charge according to the design work of the accordion saree. If you have the skills, then you can make a lot by reusing your old saree.

1. Reuse old sari by making a gown

How to reuse old sarees at home

You can reuse your old sarees to make designer gowns. First of all, you have to see what type of saree you have. Be it work or handwork or embroidery, it is also important to see which design gown can be made in your saree.

Umbrella Gown, One Piece Gown, Designer Gown, Kalidar Gown whichever is properly set in your sari, only those gowns can be made. Because the look of the gown dress will come according to the saree.

The old saree has booties, and there is a border, again the border should also be used properly. The special thing is to take special care of which gown will be made in that saree.

By watching this video you can make a gown from an old saree> click here

2. lehenga from old saree

How to reuse old sarees at home

Designer lehenga can be made in an old saree. By making a lehenga, you can reuse your old saree in the right way. You can also make the following types of lehengas umbrella cut lehenga, gusseted lehenga, box pleated lehenga, fish cut lehenga, etc.

Just you have to take care of some things like which lehenga will be made in your saree because the lehenga will be set according to your saree. umbrella cut lehenga and kalidar lehenga are mostly made from old sarees.

If you have a saree with a border, then you can remove the border and make a black lehenga. You can use the border again, so you can reuse your old saree in the right way.

Watch this video to make a lehenga from an old saree > Reuse old saree

3. how to make a salwar suit from an old saree

How to reuse old sarees at home

If you are fond of wearing suits then making a salwar suit from an old saree is the best option. You can make a great Patiala suit out of this. Can make a plain suit. And a lining suit can also be made.

You can make any suit according to the saree from the old saree. You can make a very nice Weston dress from an old saree. A silk saree can make a great Western outfit. You can make different dresses from different sarees and reuse your sarees in the right way.

If you want to see the video of making a suit from an old sari, then click here

4.  making a doormat from used sarees

How to reuse old sarees at home

Such sarees are of little use and do not look very good, you can make a doormat by taking different colored sarees, it is the best option. Since you cannot make a dress using these and do not look good, so by mixing different sarees, you can make a great designer doormat.

In this way, you can reuse your saree in the right way. If you have art then you can make a doormat from an old saree in your free time.

5. What else can be made from an old saree?

You can make a lot out of old sarees, you just need to have ideas to make from old sarees. Must have hand skills. You can make a western dress, lehenga, dress, salwar kameez, cushion cover, bed cover, top, curtain, decorative item, long gown, palazzo pant, align gown, designer dress, dupatta, top from old saree.

There are many ideas for using old sarees. Apart from this, you can make frocks, dhoti salwar, dupatta, and much more. In this way, you can reuse your old saree properly.

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the best reuse of saree watch this video

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