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Blouse name list: India is a country where saree blouses are worn the most and that too is known for wearing different types of blouses, here we are telling you the list of blouses which are mostly worn in India.

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  1. Princess-Cut Blouse
  2. Sweater Blouse
  3. Halter Neck Blouse
  4. Backless Blouse
  5. Boat Neck Blouse
  6. High Neck Blouse
  7. one tucks Blouse
  8. Collar Neck Blouse
  9. Peter Pan Collar Blouse
  10. Jacket Style Blouse
  11. Knotted Blouse
  12. U-Shape Neck Blouse
  13. Strap Blouse
  14. 4 tucks Blouse
  15. Round Neck Blouse
  16. Square Neck Blouse
  17. Embroidered Blouse
  18. high Neck Blouse
  19. Cutwork Blouse
  20. Long Blouse
  21. sada blouse
  22. belt blouse Blouse
  23. Peplum Blouse
  24. Cape Sleeve Blouse
  25. Angrakha Style Blouse
  26. Off Shoulder Blouse
  27. Butterfly Sleeve Blouse
  28. Attached Dupatta Blouse
  29. double Katori Blouse
  30. High-Low Blouse
  31. Long-Sleeved Blouse
  32. Lace Blouse
  33. Cropped Blouse
  34. Katori blouse
  35. Draped Blouse
  36. Bodysuit Blouse
  37. Paneled Blouse
  38. Graphic Blouse
  39. Mandarin Blouse
  40. Jewel Neck Blouse
  41. Sweetheart blouse
  42. Sheer blouse
  43. Asymmetric Blouse
  44. Peter Pan Collar Blouse
  45. Jacket Style Blouse.
  46. Spaghetti Strap Blouse
  47. Keyhole Neck Blouse
  48. Crew Neck Blouse
  49. Bandeau/Strapless Blouse
  50. T-Back Blouse
  51. Corset Blouse
  52. High-Low Blouse
  53. Triangle Blouse
  54. Sweetheart Neck Blouse
  55. Criss-Cross Blouse
  56. Leather Blouse
  57. ureebi blouse
  58. single Katori blouse
  59. body cut blouse
  60. tira wala blouse
  61. biloj
  62. blouse
  63. bridle blouse
  64. padded blouse
  65. cups blouse
  66. front open blouse
  67. back open blouse
  68. designer blouse
  69. stylish blouse
  70. Silk Blouse:
  71. Cotton Blouse.
  72. Shimmer Blouse.
  73. Lycra Blouse.

These blouses are most worn in India and here are India’s blouse names list Different blouses are worn in India according to each state and different blouses are worn in every district according to the state and it holds a special significance in its place, so in this post, we have told you about the name of the blouse. has told.

If you think there is any other name, then definitely write to us, we will also add the name of that blouse to your list, friends, how did you like this post of ours, tell us through the comment.

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