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Sada blouse ki cutting

ada blouse ki cutting

Sada blouse ki cutting: Plain blouse cutting is very easy, if you do not know then read this post carefully, you will understand completely, here we are telling you how to cut a plain blouse (belt blouse), this formula for blouse once If you understand then you can do any plain blouse cutting.

We will tell you how to do deep neck blouse cutting. The formula of a normal neck blouse is different,

1. How much fabric is needed for sada blouse cutting

For making a Sada blouse cutting or a normal size blouse 80 cm fabric is required but if the size of the blouse is bigger or the length is more then you should also take an extra cloth or you can also take cloth by asking your nearest tailor master.

2. How to take measurement of the Sada blouse

You can either take a stitched blouse or you can cut by taking body measurements, you have to take fixed body measurements.

blouse cutting and measurement

  1. length = 14 inches
  2. Round Chest = 36″
  3. Waist = 30″
  4. shoulder = 15 inches
  5. arm length = 6 inches
  6. sleeve Mohari = 12 inches
  7. Front neck = 7 inches
  8. back neck = 8 inches
  9. Tuck Point = 9.5 inches

3. How to Drafting a Plain Blouse

First of all, we are telling you to cut the back part, first of all, you have to double burst the cloth. Now we will set the length of the marking, length + 1 inch, 1 inch (we have taken .5 inch margin for topstitch, .5 inch for the bottom stitch)

ada blouse ki cutting
  1. Blouse length marking is to be done at 14 + 1 = 15 inches
  2. Draw a line at 5.5 inches and mark it, then your armhole and shoulder will be
  3. As in the picture, we’ll be placing the Nissan at 5.5 inches at the shoulder because our rear throttle is 8 inches deep|
  4. We will put a 2.5-inch neck mark on the shoulder because our neck is deep.
  5. Marking of Chest 36+2 = 38/4 = 9.5 Inches (Here we have taken 2 inches extra for lousing) Marking 9.5 inches. +2 inches is to be taken for extra margin.
  6. A straight line has to be drawn from shoulder to arm. One more marking has to be put at .75 inches and it will be found in the cross as shown in the picture, here we will make an armhole
  7. 4 part of the waist (30/4 = 7.5 inches) + 1 inch for extra back tax and 2 inches for extra margin.
  8. You can avail of a back tax margin of up to 1.25 inches or 1.5 inches depending on the size of the blouse.
  9. Bank tax should be marked at 4 inches from the side and 4.5 inches from the bottom to the top.

After applying all the markings you have to match one marking with the other and cut the marking. One thing to note here is that if you keep the front and back neck normal, then the plain blouse-cutting formula will change.

4. Sada Blouse Front Part Cutting |Sada blouse ki cutting

The front part of the blouse is very easy to cut, marking has to be done like the back part. Just keep a few things in mind.

sada blouse cutting front part
  • The same marking of the 5.5-inch armhole and shoulder has to be done. Here we have to do deep cutting in the armhole as in the picture (marking is to be applied 1 inch inside)
  • The tuck point is marked at 9.5 inches from the shoulder. This mark is applied according to different chests.
  • The tuck point mark is to be placed 3.5 inches from the bottom (10th part of the bust, 36/10 = 3.6 ). At this point, we place the mark .5 inches below.
  • This way the length of our bodice will be 9.5+3.6 = 13.1, and 1 inch will go into the stitch. 12.1 inches Your bodice is ready
  • (1) Now we will mark a line crossing from armhole to tuckpoint, (2) from front to point (3) from side to point, (4) draw a straight line from tuck point.
  • These will all be spaced 1.75 inches from the main tuck point (this may be more or less depending on the size)
  • The front tuck will be covered with a 1-inch safe as shown in the picture.
  • On the side, we will mark for a 1-inch extra crossing and a 2=inch margin
  • Neck mark 2.5 inches wide and 7-inch deep neck mark
  • These markings have to be matched to each other.

After matching the mark, cutting of the blouse has to be done on the marking as shown in the picture.

5. Sada Blouse ki belt Cutting

sada blouse belt cutting

The belt length will be .5+7.5+2 inches = 10 inches (.5 inches front margin, 7.5 inches waist quarter, + 2 inches extra margin) The belt width will be 3.25 inches on one side and 4.25 inches on the other.

1 inch is for Corav safe in the choli of the blouse, which we cut in the choli) In this, 1 inch is taken for the front side in the choli to sew a 1-inch belt. In this way, plain blouse cutting can be done.

6 . how to cut Sada blouse sleeves

blouse sleeve cutting sleeve

First, the fabric is to be double folded, after that the total length + 1 inch is to be taken. 6+1 inch = 7 inch mark. To make the armhole cut safe, 3 inch Nissan has to be installed from A to E (its formula is 12th of the chest is 36/12=3 = inch) 7.25=inch Nissan is to be installed on this line (5th part of the chest is 36/5=7.25) Sleeve sluice like 12/2 = 6 inch +2 inch for extra margin and put Nissan on the line.

Now a line from a to c has to be marked, matching this line has to be Nissan. Marking is to be done at .5 inches inside and .5 inches from the middle. Marking these markings by using a cutting safe as shown in the picture and cutting is to be done on the outer marking.

In this way sleeve cutting is done, keeping the sleeve straight, we will do deep cutting in one front, which will be our front part.

In this way, we can do sada blouse cutting

If you liked this effort of ours, then do let us know by commenting.

blouse cutting and stitching video

If you want to see the video of the blouse cutting, then definitely watch this video once. > Meena boutique

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