Ladies Dress Names List in India

ladies dress names list in india

Ladies Dress Names List in India: Definitely! There are many traditional and modern outfits for women in India, each reflecting the diverse culture and heritage of the country. Here is a list of names of some popular women’s dresses in India.

1. Saree/Sari

Ladies Dress Names List in India

A saree is a traditional Indian garment, up to 6 meters in length, usually worn by women, consisting of a long piece of cloth that is draped around the body in various styles. It is one of the most popular and elegant forms of traditional attire in India.

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2. Salwar Kameez

Ladies Dress Names List in India

“Salwar Kameez” is another traditional Indian dress, which is especially popular among women.


  • It is a long tunic or shirt that can be of varying lengths, usually knee length or longer.


  • These are loose-fitting pants or trousers that are tailored at the waist and ankles. They are often spontaneous.

The salwar kameez is worn by women across the Indian subcontinent and is appreciated for its comfort, versatility, and wide range of designs and styles available. It is a popular choice for both casual and formal occasions and can be found in a variety of fabrics, colors, and embroidery patterns, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of the region.

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3. Lehenga Choli

Ladies Dress Names List in India

 Ladies Dress Names List in India: “Lehenga Choli” is another traditional Indian dress often worn by women, especially during special occasions like weddings, festivals, and celebrations.

There are three main components of lehenga choli


  • It is a long, wide skirt that is usually heavily embroidered or decorated with intricate designs. The lehenga is worn around the waist and flows to the ankles.


  • It is a fitted blouse or top that is worn on the upper part of the body. The design of the bodice can vary and is often decorated with embroidery, tassels, or other decorative elements.


  • Similar to salwar kameez, the lehenga choli ensemble is completed with a dupatta, which is a long scarf or shawl. Scarves can be draped over the shoulders or worn in a variety of styles.

Lehenga choli is known for its elaborate and vibrant designs, making it a popular choice for bridal wear and other festive occasions. The attire showcases the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of India, with each region having its unique styles and variations.

4. Anarkali Suit

Ladies Dress Names List in India

The Anarkali suit is a traditional Indian attire consisting of a long, flowy frock-style kurta with fitted bottoms and a dupatta. Named after Anarkali, the famous dancer of the Mughal period, these suits are known for their royal and elegant appearance. Anarkali suits are popular among women in South Asia, especially India and Pakistan, and are often worn on special occasions, festivals, weddings, and cultural events.

Key features of Anarkali suits include

1. Frock-Style Top

  • The top is usually long and has a flared shape resembling a frock or gown. The length can vary, from knee length to floor length.

2. Fitted bottoms

  • Bottoms are usually churidar pants, which are tight-fitting trousers that gather at the ankles. However, there are other options like palazzo pants or straight-cut trousers.

3. Dupatta

  • Anarkali suits are usually paired with a matching or contrasting dupatta. The scarf is gracefully draped over the shoulders

4. Rich Fabric

  • Anarkali suits are often made from luxurious fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, or net. These fabrics contribute to the beautiful appearance of the dress.

Be it a festive celebration or a formal event, the Anarkali suit is a timeless and beautiful choice that remains a staple of traditional South Asian fashion.

5. Palazzo Suit

Ladies Dress Names List in India

 Palazzo suit is a modern and stylish version of traditional Indian attire, consisting of wide-leg palazzo pants paired with a matching or contrasting kurta and dupatta. This outfit combines comfort with fashion, making it a popular choice for a variety of occasions. Here are some key features of the Palazzo suit

Palazzo Pant

  • The distinguishing feature of the palazzo suit is the wide, flared pants known as palazzo pants. These trousers provide a loose-fitting comfortable feel. Depending on personal preference and the overall design of the dress, they can be full-length or shortened.


  • Kurta in a suit is a long top whose length can vary. It is designed to be paired with palazzo pants. Kurtas can have a variety of styles, including straight cut, A-line cut, or asymmetric hemline. The length can range from short kurtas to knee length or more.


  • Like other traditional Indian attire, the palazzo suit is often accompanied by a dupatta. The scarf can be draped over one shoulder, or both shoulders or styled as

Contemporary Styles

  • While the palazzo suit has traditional roots, contemporary designers often incorporate modern twists into the design. This blend of traditional and modern elements makes palazzo suits popular among women of different age groups.

Palazzo suits are appreciated for their comfort, versatility, and style. They have become a trendy choice in Indian fashion, offering a refreshing alternative to more traditional ethnic wear.

6. Sharara Suit

Ladies Dress Names List in India

Sharara suit is a traditional Indian attire known for its distinctive flared pants, called sharara, paired with a kurta (tunic) and dupatta (dupatta). This clothing is popular in South Asian cultures, especially in India and Pakistan. Here are some of the key features of Sharara Suit:

Sharara Pant

  • Sharara’s pants are wide-legged and flared, looking like a skirt. These pants are usually heavily pleated and have a unique shape that sets them apart. The flare of the Sharara starts from the knees, which gives a beautiful look.


  • A kurta in a sharara suit is a long top that can have various styles including straight cut, A-line cut or asymmetrical hemline. The length of kurtas can vary, from short to knee-length or longer. The kurta is designed to be worn over sharara pants.


  • Like other traditional Indian attire, the Sharara suit is often accompanied by a dupatta. Which adds a layer of beauty to the overall look.

Traditional Roots

  • The Sharara suit has its roots in the Mughal and Awadhi cultures and has been a part of traditional South Asian fashion for centuries. Despite its historical origins, designers often incorporate contemporary elements, creating a blend of traditional and modern styles.

Sharara suits offer a distinctive and beautiful look, making them a popular choice for special occasions and cultural celebrations. The combination of flared sharara pants and beautifully crafted kurta gives this outfit a timeless and elegant appeal.

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7. Ghagra Choli | Ladies Dress Names List in India

Ladies Dress Names List in India

Ghagra choli is a traditional Indian dress consisting of a long skirt (ghagra), a blouse (choli), and a dupatta. It is a popular and traditional garment worn by women, especially during festive occasions, weddings, and cultural ceremonies in India.

Ghagra (skirt)

  • Ghagra is a long, flared skirt that usually reaches the ankles. It is heavily embroidered or decorated with various embellishments. The style and design of the ghagra may vary depending on regional and cultural preferences.


  • A blouse is a fitted blouse or blouse worn on the upper body. It can be short or long sleeved and its design can range from simple to heavily embellished, depending on the occasion. The choli is often intricately designed to complement the ghagra.

Dupatta (Dupatta or Shawl)

  • A scarf is a long piece of cloth that is draped over the shoulders or around the neck. It adds a sophisticated touch to the outfit and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the overall look. Like the ghagra and the choli, the dupatta is often decorated with embroidery, sequins or other decorative items.

Ghagra choli is worn by women in different regions of India, and the style and design may vary depending on cultural and regional influences. It is a timeless and elegant outfit that remains an integral part of Indian ethnic fashion.

8. Churidar Suit

The churidar suit is a traditional Indian outfit consisting of a long tunic or kameez, narrow trousers called a churidar, and a matching scarf or dupatta. This style of dress is popular among women and is usually worn on various occasions including weddings, festivals, and formal events.


  • A kameez is a long, tunic-style top whose length can vary from knee length to ankle length. It is usually decorated with various embellishments such as embroidery, sequins, beads, or other decorative elements. Kameez styles can range from straight cut to A-line or flared designs.

Churidar (trousers)

  • Churidar refers to thin trousers which is a distinctive feature of this attire. These trousers are comfortable around the thighs and knees but are gathered around the ankles, creating a bunched effect. The extra length of fabric at the ankles is called “churidar” or “churidar bottoms”.


  • Like traditional Indian attire, churidar suits are often accompanied by a dupatta. The dupatta can be plain or embellished to complete the overall look of the outfit.

Churidar suits come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and designs to suit different tastes and occasions. This outfit offers both beauty and comfort, making it a popular choice for women in India and beyond.

9. Patiala Suit (Ladies Dress Names List in India)

 The Patiala suit is a traditional Indian dress that originated in the city of Patiala in Punjab, India. It is a distinctive and popular style of ethnic wear, especially among women of North India.

Patiala suits consist of three main components.

kameez { kurta}

  • The kameez in a Patiala suit is a long tunic or top, usually knee-length or longer. It can have different styles, necklines, and sleeve lengths. The kameez is often decorated with embroidery, sequins, or other embellishments, depending on the occasion and personal preferences.

Salwar (Patiala Salwar)

  • Salwar in a Patiala suit is the main attraction of this outfit. Unlike regular salwars, the specialty of Patiala salwar is its distinctive design. It is very loose and pleated with many folds. The pleats create a baggy and comfortable silhouette, and the lower part of the salwar gives a tufted look.


  • Like other traditional Indian attire, the Patiala suit is often paired with a dupatta. The dupatta can be plain or embellished and adds a sophisticated touch to the overall look.

Patiala suits are known for their comfort and vibrant, attractive look. These are usually worn during festivals, weddings, and other cultural celebrations. This outfit offers a combination of elegance and ease of movement, making it a popular choice for various occasions. Additionally, Patiala suits have gained popularity not only in India but also among women who appreciate ethnic fashion across the world.

10. Half Saree/Langa Voni

Half saree, also known as Langa Voni in South India, is a traditional Indian dress commonly worn by young girls and teenagers. It is a three-piece ensemble consisting of a lehenga or langa (long skirt), a choli or blouse, and a voni or dupatta (stole). Half sarees are often worn during traditional ceremonies, festivals, and special occasions.

half sarees are commonly worn in South India, especially during festivals like Navratri and Pongal as well as pre-wedding ceremonies. It is known by different names in different regions, such as Langa Voni in Telugu-speaking states, Pattu Pavadai Davani in Tamil Nadu, and Langa Davani in Karnataka. Vibrant colors, intricate designs, and cultural significance make half sarees a favorite traditional attire for young girls.

11. Kaftan

The kaftan is a loose, flexible, and usually ankle-length garment with wide sleeves. It is a traditional Middle Eastern and North African garment, and variations of it have been worn in different cultures throughout history.
The kaftan has evolved and is now worn by people all over the world as both casual and formal attire.

Kaftans are versatile and can be worn on various occasions. While they have deep cultural roots in the Middle East and North Africa.
They have gained popularity globally as resort wear, beach cover-ups, casual loungewear, and even elegant evening wear. Modern fashion designers often incorporate different styles, patterns, and fabrics to create contemporary interpretations of the traditional kaftan.

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12. Indo-Western Gown

Ladies Dress Names List in India: An Indo-Western gown is a blend of traditional Indian and Western styles, combining elements from both cultures to create a unique and modern outfit. These gowns are popular choices for various occasions including weddings, parties, and formal events
This may include the use of A-line, mermaid, or ball gown styles with Indian-inspired embellishments.
Indo-Western gowns can vary in length, from floor-length to knee-length.
To complete the look, people often pair Indo-Western gowns with a mix of accessories from both cultures. This may include traditional Indian jewelry such as earrings or high heels.

Indo-Western gowns offer a versatile and stylish option for those who want to celebrate their cultural roots while embracing modern fashion trends.

13. Poncho Kurti

 The poncho kurti combines elements of both the traditional Indian kurti and the Western style poncho. It is a fusion apparel that offers comfort, style, and versatility.
The silhouette of the poncho kurta is usually loose and flowing. It generally lacks the structured look of a traditional kurti, offering a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Poncho kurti designs often have wide sleeves that extend from the body of the garment, giving a draped and oversized look. Depending on the style and preference, sleeve length can vary from short to long.
Poncho kurtis provide a modern twist to traditional Indian attire, making them a popular choice among women who appreciate comfort and style.

14. Long Anarkali Gown

Long Anarkali gown is a traditional Indian dress (Ladies Dress Names List in India) that takes inspiration from the classic Anarkali suit. It is characterized by its floor-length silhouette and features a fitted bodice that flares into a voluminous, flowing skirt.

Long Anarkali gowns are a popular choice for weddings, receptions, and other formal events in Indian fashion. They offer a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, making them versatile and suitable for various functions. The timeless appeal and beauty of these gowns make them a favorite among women who appreciate the beauty of Indian ethnic wear.

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15. Frock Suit | Ladies Dress Names List in India

A Frock suit is a traditional Indian attire consisting of a knee-length or below frock paired with a lower part like trousers or churidar. This style of suit is popular in South Asian fashion and women often wear it on various occasions.
Frocks usually have a fitted bodice and a flared or A-line silhouette. Its length can vary, from knee length to calf length.
The circumference of the frock suit extends below the waist, providing comfort and ease of movement.
Frock suits are a popular choice among women who appreciate a combination of traditional and contemporary elements in their attire. They provide a stylish and comfortable option for various cultural celebrations, weddings, festivals, and social events in the Indian subcontinent.

16. Gharara

Gharara is a traditional Pakistani and North Indian outfit worn by women. It includes a matching kurti and a dupatta. What sets the gharara apart is its distinctive wide-leg trousers, which flare up dramatically from the knees and create a bell-bottom effect. The trousers are often heavily pleated and embellished, adding to the overall ornate and festive look of the outfit.

Gharara is usually worn on special occasions and ceremonies, such as weddings and festivals. Gharara has a rich cultural and historical significance and remains a popular choice for formal events in South Asian fashion.

17. Maxi Gown

A Maxi gown refers to a long dress that typically extends to the ankle or floor length.
These dresses are known for their flowy and elegant designs, making them a popular choice for various occasions including casual outings, parties, weddings, and formal events.
Maxi gowns come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and patterns, catering to different fashion preferences and seasons.

These dresses are often loved for their comfort and versatility, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and shoes chosen.
Maxi gowns have become a staple in many women’s wardrobes due to their timeless appeal and ability to suit different occasions and style preferences.

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18. Women’s dhoti

“Women’s dhoti” usually refers to a contemporary adaptation of the traditional dhoti designed specifically for women. While the traditional dhoti is primarily worn by men, designers and fashion enthusiasts have created variations that cater to the preferences and styles of women. These adaptations often include modifications in terms of fabrics, draping styles, and embellishments to suit women’s fashion sensibilities.

Women’s dhoti can come in different lengths, colors, and patterns. Some versions are designed to resemble a skirt with dhoti-inspired draping, offering a mix of traditional and modern elements. Others may retain the basic structure of the traditional dhoti but with additional design elements to make them more feminine.

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19. ladies Jeans

Women’s jeans refer to denim trousers specifically designed for women. Jeans are a versatile and popular type of pants known for their durability and casual style. Some common types of women’s jeans include:

Skinny Jeans

Fit across the leg, these jeans have a narrow opening at the ankle. They provide a sleek and modern look

Bootcut Jeans

These jeans fit mid-thigh and are slightly flared from the knee to the hem. They are designed to accommodate shoes

Straight-leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans have a uniform width from thigh to hem. They offer a more comfortable fit than skinny jeans

Wide-leg jeans

Featuring wide-leg openings, these jeans are roomy and offer a comfortable fit.

Boyfriend Jeans

This style is characterized by a loose fit, often mimicking men’s jeans. Boyfriend jeans are generally relaxed and comfortable

High waist jeans

These jeans have a high rise, which sits above the natural waist. High-waisted jeans have become popular due to their ability to create an attractive image

Flare Jeans

Similar to bootcut jeans, flared jeans have a wide flare at the hem. This style was especially popular in the 1970s and has made a comeback in modern fashion.

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These are just a few examples, and there are many regional and contemporary variations in women’s clothing across India. Fashion trends are constantly evolving, contributing to the rich tapestry of styles in the country.

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