Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Rajasthani Traditional Dress: As soon as the name of Rajasthan comes, a scene starts to appear in front of our eyes where every day is like a festival. The panoramic view of Rajasthan’s colorful attire, camel rides, and sand dunes stretching far and wide makes our eyes swoon. The culture here, unity in diversity, meeting of all religions, welcoming the guests as “Padhar Mhare Desh”, surf and only in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, the traditional styles worn by women include Ghagra-choli and men-worn Rajasthani Traditional Dresses, mostly consisting of turban, dhoti, kurta, which are the main Traditional Dresses.

What is included in the traditional dress of men and women of Rajasthan?

  • Dhoti kurta
  • Pagadi (Safa)
  • Ghaghra, Choli, Odni (Lugri)
  • Jewelry
  • jutti
  • Birth, death, wedding dress

Traditional costume of men of Rajasthan

1.Dhoti and kurta in men’s dresses of Rajasthan

Dhoti and kurta in men's dresses of Rajasthan
Dhoti and kurta

धोती-कुर्ता और पगड़ी राजस्थान के पुरुषों के पारंपरिक कपड़े हैं। इस पोशाक में गाँव के लोगों का आकर्षण देखा जाता है। इसे पहनना बहुत मुश्किल है। धोती एक लंबे कपड़े के रूप में होती है जिसे जांघ के दोनों तरफ पहना जाता है और कमर पर लपेटा जाता है। इस कला को पहनने के तरीके को सीखना होगा। आप इस पोशाक का कई तरह से उपयोग कर सकते हैं जैसे – धोती-कुर्ता, कुर्ता-पायजामा आदि। धोती, कुर्ता और पगड़ी पहनना एक व्यक्ति को आकर्षक बनाता है।

2. Turban (Saafa) rajasthani dress

Turban (Saafa) rajasthani dress
Rajasthani safaa

In Rajasthan, the turban is a symbol of honor and pride. In the Rajasthani turban, different colors are seen and the turban can be worn separately. The turban is 18 yards in length and 9 inches in width. The turban can be up to 80 feet in length. Turban is also known by many names like = turban, safa, pag and feta etc.

Turban is known according to different states like Jaipuri Turban in Jaipur, Jodhpur Turban in Jodhpur etc. In every region of Rajasthan, people like to wear a turban in different designs and different colors, which is the royal identity of Rajasthan.

Most people prefer to wear the same turban but prefer to wear colorful and designer turban on different occasions. Turban is made in many colors such as white, pastoral, Mungia, yellow, orange, saffron, red, tail, and other colors. People of Rajasthan like to wear turban according to their caste or their region, which is a symbol of respect and pride for the people of Rajasthan.

3.Rajasthani Women Wear Ghaghra, Choli, and Odhani (Lugdi)

Rajasthani Women Wear Ghaghra, Choli and Odhani (Lugdi)

The main dress of Rajasthani women is lehenga and choli.
The choli is made in many colors and patterns which look very beautiful. Ghaghra is also made in many colors and patterns. Most of the women of Rajasthan wear Ghaghra to the knee. Ghaghra is also made in many ways like – Umbrella cut lehenga, Kalidar lehenga, etc. Umbrella cut lehenga, Kalidar lehenga is mainly made. This lehenga can be made into 4 meters of cloth. You can make Kalidar lehenga from 12 Kali to 80 Kali. Odhni (Lugri) is also made in many colors and designs such as – tagging, plane, pachanga, waves, yellow, with a gota, with handwork, etc. The women of Rajasthan look very beautiful in this dress.

4. Angrakha (Traditional Dress of Rajasthani)

Angrakha is a special type of dress in the traditional dress (Rajasthani Traditional Dress). This costume is worn like armor from Kurta or Shirt in the remote drawers of Rajasthan. It is made in two ways.

1. Long Angrakha

2. Angrakha to the waist

1. Long Angrakha
. Long Angrakha

Only a person with a long and wide body can wear it. There are no buttons in this dress. It is worn with the help of long cords. In today’s changing lifestyle, this garment is becoming extinct. Long tunic is preferred by the people of Rajput society more and after wearing this dress, it has a distinct aura.

2.  Rajasthani Traditional Dress – kamar tak lamba angarakha dres

In Rajasthan, people of every community like to wear it. It is worn with the help of cords. It is made up to the waist. People still wear this dress and keep the image of their unique dress alive.

5 . Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery man and woman

Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery man and woman
Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery man and woman

The traditional costumes and jewelry of Rajasthan are very impressive. People here wear a gold ring in their ears and a bracelet in their hands. Rich people like to wear chains or garlands made of pearl or gold.
If we talk about the traditional jewelry of women, then the world of jewelry can be seen here. In women’s jewelry, we wear “bolda or tikka” symbolizing the suhaag on the head. Neck Hasli (a circular silver jewel that is worn around the neck in a circular form), necklace, mangal sutra, beads of beads, waistband, tagadi (a chain made of silver which is worn in a circular form at the waist), Pajeb, Kadha and colorful bangles in hands. People of Rajasthan society also wear bangles, rakhi, armlets, rings, and other types of jewelry made of ivory.

6.Rajasthani Shoes (jutti)

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

In Rajasthan, men and women like to wear shoes in the feet. Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer are famous for the shoes ( jutti) country. shoes is made from animal leather. This shoe is designed by different colors and Embroidery.

7 .Rajasthani birth, death, wedding dress

1. Baby dress up on birth |Traditional Dress of Rajasthan

Baby dress up on birth |Traditional Dress of Rajasthan

At birth, children are wearing yellow clothes. (Yellow colored on white clothes), the childarns mother’s also worshiped the clothes of Yellow Color.

2. Rajasthani Wedding Dress

Rajasthani Wedding Dress

At the time of marriage, both the bride and groom wear different dresses. The bride wears a lehenga, a blouse and an odni made by the designer, which is mostly red in color. Men like Sherwani and pajamas, wearing safa on their head. In this dress, the groom looks different and different.

 Rajasthani Wedding Dress for man

3.Death dress in Rajasthani

If anyone dies in Rajasthan, white clothes are worn during that time. Women always wear white clothes after the death of their husband and the husband wears normal clothes after the death of the wife.

Rajasthani Dress from my pen

The art and culture of Rajasthan is distinct identity. People of all religions stay here every day, like a festival. The food and drink here are also very amazing. There are many such World Heritage sites that bring Rajasthan fame all over the world. The sweet dialect here attracts everyone’s mind.

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