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How to prevent sewing machine damage

How to prevent sewing machine damage

How to prevent sewing machine damage: In the world, you will find new latest model sewing machine, earlier there were small umbrella machines, but today you will find different models in different designs. Here we will talk about small machines and umbrella machines.

Today every home has a silai machine. Men and women know how to sew, but there are minor flaws in the silai machine. In the absence of proper care, the sewing machine can wear out quickly.

Sewing machine maintenance should be done properly so that our sewing machine can run for a long time without any malfunction, so we have to take special care of some things for a sewing machine.

1 . Correct way to put oil in the sewing machine

The silai machine must be oiled at least once a week. The holes where the holes are made for pouring oil in the sewing machine should always be kept clean so that the oil can be applied properly.

Always apply oil on the shuttle point, bobbin hair, ears that tighten the thread and oil should be applied well on other parts also.

Never apply oil to the fan belt (rubber belt). After some time of adding oil, the machine should be run on the old clothes without thread for some time so that the new clothes do not get oiled. And the machine should be cleaned with a cotton cloth.

2 . Correct way to insert the needle into the silai machine

The needle should fit snugly into the machine. There are two types of needles in a sewing machine. For smaller machines and larger machines, in smaller machines, one side of the needle is flattened on the inside and rounded on the other.

The flattened part should fit outside the machine. Round needles are used in big machines. Round needles have a corrugated one side and a flattened one on the other. (How to prevent sewing machine damage)

The corrugated vise is placed on the outside and the flattened vise is placed on the inside of the machine.

3. How to match sewing machine threads correctly

The thread itself plays an important role in sewing. First of all, you should apply a good-quality thread. If the thread is not good i.e.

raw, it will break again and again, so only good company thread should be used while sewing.

If there is tension in the thread, adjust the tension by turning the machine key (tension) or ear screw. Do more or less as needed. Even if the thread is not attached to the machine properly, the machine starts forming thread bunches.

If the thread is not applied properly in the bobbin hairstyle, then the threads start to form clumps and the machine starts breaking the thread.

4. How to set up and maintain a sewing machine?

The Silai machine deck should be well eg = the machine should be kept covered, away from water, oil should be applied on time, and only silai machine oil should be applied on the machine and not other oil.

If the sewing machine is running heavy, unscrew both screws on the shuttle case, then remove the shuttle and clean the thread or debris with a fine cloth or brush.

Always operate the machine straight and do not turn it upside down. After taking all the precautions your machine will last a long time and you will not have to go to the repairman every day to get it repaired.

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