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Umbrella Cut Lehenga drafting and cutting

umbrella cut lehenga drafting and cutting

Umbrella cut lehenga: also bears a distinct identity in Indian dress, Umbrella cut lehenga means {encircled like an umbrella}. Umbrella cut lehenga (Umbrella Cut Lehenga drafting and cutting) is worn with a blouse, scarf, or sari. You can get this lehenga designed with different hand works, booty, and embroidery. We are telling you about Umbrella Cut Lehenga drafting and cutting in this blog post. After wearing this lehenga, it looks very beautiful.

1 . Umbrella Cut Lehenga drafting and cutting

While cutting Umbrella cut lehenga, we have to take care of the following points

  • How much fabric is required in an umbrella-cut lehenga?
  • What kind of clothes for this lehenga is required?
  • How to do drafting and cutting of Umbrella Cut Lehenga.
  • Problems occurred while Umbrella cut their lehenga cutting.

2 .  How much is the cloth required in Umbrella Cut Lehenga

Cutting off this umbrella-cut lehenga requires at least 4 meters of cloth, if you want to make this lehenga with lining then you must also take 4 meters of cloth (for lining).

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3. How to choose clothes for Umbrella cut lehenga

To make this lehenga you should choose the clothes very well because when you go to buy clothes in the market, you get to see the fabric with different design prints along with the plain fabric.

Before buying printed fabric, we should know about it. – For how is the print in printed fabric, what is the print in the fabric, what is the print in the fabric, in which direction is the print, the boot is printed in one direction or the print is in the up or down direction, the size of the boot should be the same Should not be printed in print crosswise (in the width (portion) of the fabric), etc.

The fabric has a bootie print in the same direction, we should never buy that fabric for Umbrella Lehenga. When we cut fabric with such a print, the bootie is seen moving upwards and downwards, which looks very bad and spoils the look of the dress.

Therefore, these things should be kept in mind while buying clothes. Border-striped fabric should not be taken for the Umbrella lehenga. For an Umbrella Lehenga, you can get Brocket, Cotton Mix Cloth, Cotton, Bandhej, and Plain Sarees as per your choice. In this way, you can choose clothes.

4. Umbrella Lehenga Cutting

Umbrella Cut Lehenga drafting and cutting

Cutting off the Umbrella lehenga is very easy, firstly the cloth we have taken, Jayasa’s we have told in this picture, A, B, C, and D will double fold it between E,

Umbrella Cut Lehenga drafting

Then the angle will fold safely, so in this way we have folded, now keeping the top equal to the waist, we have a marking of the waist by taking a +1 inch extra margin ( waist 36 + 1 part 4 = 9.25) marking is to take a total length of +1/2 inch margin while keeping 2 inches above inch tape marking for the belt (2 inch belt is taken for you can take as per your convenience) Now the top of this fabric is inch tape from there folding it where marking has been fitted for length.

Umbrella Cut Lehenga drafting

From there, you have to apply to mark by rolling it around, after applying Nissan, you will cut on the marking, and after that, you will cut it from the waist and surround In this way our umbrella cut lehenga becomes drafting.

5. How to cut the belt

Cutting the belt is very easy, most of the belts are cut in crosswise fabric. First, the total waist will take +2 inches in extra length, For the width of the belt we need 2 inches ready, so we need to take 2 + 2 + 1 = 5 inches (here 1 inch is taken for the margin on both sides) by marking like this. Belt cuttings can do.

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when comes to Trouble in the cutting of umbrella lehenga.

If your fabric is small, then there can be a small joint on one side towards the enclosure of the lehenga. If you take a side border or a cloth then you will have to face a lot of problems with it. In this way, we can cut an umbrella lehenga in a very short time if you want to see the video of the Umbrella lehenga cutting and stitching in Hindi.


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