blouse cutting and drafting, Boutique

online tailoring classes for blouse

online tailoring classes for blouse

online tailoring classes: If you’re looking for an online blouse course, our online classes are full of inspiration, and we’re ready to help you complete your own drafting, cutting, and sewing projects.

We have several sewing classes to help you start your journey in online sewing. Which are designed to help beginners start sewing their clothes with ease. There are online classes on sewing tips and tricks that will help you to sew in an easy and professional way.

  • What do we teach in this online course?
  • body measurement
  • Boutique business making and cutting clothes
  • Paper drafting of each blouse
  • Why does shoulder drop happen?
  • Armhole cutting.
  • all types of blouse cutting

Neck Designs cutting and stitching

  • Boat Neck
  • Stand Neck
  • Stand Neck
  • Half Collar
  • Back High Front Deep
  • ‘U’ Neck
  • Square Neck
  • ‘V’ Neck
  • Sweetheart Neck
  • Halter Neck
  • Collar Neck
  • Deep neck
  • Normal neck

20+ Types of Blouse Drafting, knitting and sewing

  • Learn to take body measurements for all types of blouses
  • Basic Info on Sewing for Beginners
  • Double Katori
  • Four Dart with deep neck cutting and stitching
  • Princesses Cut and stitch
  • halter neck blouse cutting and stitching
  • One tucks blouse
  • padded blouse cutting and stitching
  • bridal blouse cutting and stitching
  • 4 tucks blouse with normal neck cutting
  • Double tucks
  • back hook blouse cutting
  • Belt blouse cutting and stitching
  • Double Katori blouse
  • Collar neck blouse
  • Single Katori
  • 4 tucks blouse cutting and stitching
  • Katori blouse knitting and sewing
  • Useful tips and tricks for blouses
  • Katori Cutting for Different Size Blouses

Blouse Opens

  • Front Open blouse
  • Side Open
  • Front  Open with zip
  • Back Open

Back Neck Deep  Blouse

  • Full Deeps
  • One Fourth Deeps
  • Half Length Deeps
  • Three Fourth Deeps
  • Zero deep blouse
  • collar neck blouse
  • high neck blouse

Blouse Sleeves

  • Petal
  • Cold
  • Puff
  • Bell
  • Two-Piece
  • Plain
  • Elbow
  • Full
  • Tree 4th
  • Short
  • mid
  • cap

Our contact number for tailoring class

online tailoring classes: To Enroll: Please message us or message us on WhatsApp for consultation. Contact us for more information
From 4 pm to 6 pm. Monday to Saturday. Message or call here only those people who want to learn Blouse Cutting and Stitching. You can contact us by our mobile number 95888215856 or scan below scan code

online tailoring classes

How can we learn sewing for free

If you join any 4 people other than you then you can teach me sewing for free. Or you can share the fee with up to 4 other people

Our Tailoring Class Fees

Keeping everyone in mind, we have kept the fees as low as everyone can afford them. That’s why we have kept the fee for our tailoring course at Rs 2000.

Terms and conditions

We are teaching you here only in Hindi language and it is our endeavor that we will add English subtitles in every video, if you want to learn in Hindi then join this course and there will be no refund after joining so our class Before you join, join carefully. Your fee will not be refunded under any circumstances after you join our course.

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