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How to make a face mask at home

How to make a face mask at home

how to make a face mask at home: Pollution has increased so much in the whole world that it is becoming difficult for humans to live even for animals, only we can take measures to avoid this pollution. If we think of stopping it together then this problem can be solved.

Viruses of some diseases are spread everywhere in the environment through the air and all living beings have to face physical problems by coming in contact with them.

Recently a virus named CORONA VIRUS is spreading all over the world and this virus is causing a lot of damage to life and property all over the world, whoever comes in contact with this virus has to face a lot of problems. is. By making and applying face masks, we can avoid all these diseases to a great extent.

1. What do you need to make a face mask?

How to make face mask at home

Most of the surgical face masks are made in green and white fabric, these colors are used more in the medical line.

It can be made in different colors and different designs, to make the face mask 26*20 cm cotton cloth is taken and 12*4 cm two strips are used. 7*2cm round elastic is used and 26*20cm lining is used.

This cloth face mask is available in different designs and different colors in the market.

2. How to make a cotton face mask?

How to make face mask at home

To make the face mask first we will take a cotton cloth and keep it straight (as shown in picture two) we have taken cotton lining over it and keep the lining length 20*26cm on both sides and stitch on both sides. 1 cm stitch. After sewing, we will fold the top part inward so that the margin that is there goes inwards and the straight part comes out, you sew on the corner

3. How to put a box plate in a fabric face mask

It is very easy to put a box plate in the face mask, as we have shown in picture 3, you can put a box plate on it, you can put the box plate on one side and you can also put a small piece but here we have put a box plate in it. Has been put We have used 2, 2 box plates in this cloth face mask. We put the box plate on both sides and kept it 8 cm.

How to make face mask at home

4. packing the edge of the face mask

To seal the side of the face mask, we have taken a strip of 12*4 cm2, which we have to apply from the wrong side to the right side.

This is a bandage. As shown in the picture at both corners. Accordingly, stitching will be done at both corners so that the fabric does not come out.

How to make face mask at home

5. How to keep the elastic hole of the mask?

In this way, a bandage has to be applied on both sides of it and the bandage is applied in such a way that we can easily apply elastic to it, we have kept this bandage 1 cm wide so that round elastic can be applied easily. FACE MASK has both mouths kept open

How to make face mask at home

6. how to apply elastic to a mask

In the face mask, we have used a round elastic which is 7 cm long, it has to be inserted from one corner to the other with the help of a needle. And according to our convenience, we have put a wide band on top of both. Put a round elastic on the part.

After that, you can sew with a sewing machine or sew by hand. The joint has to be rotated and placed inside the bandage so that this joint is not visible on the outside. This is how we have to apply Elastic.

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How to make face mask at home

cotton face mask ready

In this way, you can make and wear a face mask at home in a very short time and can avoid many types of allergic diseases to a great extent. You all must have loved this small effort from Meena Boutique.

Do let us know by commenting. If you want to see its video then you can watch our YouTube channel on Meena Boutique. please share

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