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Perfect Prince Cut Blouse Cutting video

princess cut blouse design image

prince cut blouse cutting: Cutting takes the most time to learn this type of blouse. While there are many ways to cut fabric, this is the best tutorial on how to cut a blouse.

In this article, we will learn how to cut a perfect prince-cut blouse with all the essential tips.

What is Prince Cut blouse?

Prince cut blouses are popular for their convenient, slimming fit unique look. This type of blouse is made without a dart which fits in the body.

How much fabric does a prince cut blouse take?

Although different sizes of fabric are used in each size.

if you are making a normal size then you need at least 1 meter.

How to cut prince cut blouse?

To cut a prince-cut blouse, lay the blouse flat make sure your blouse measurements are written on paper or you can remember.

You can learn how to cut a perfect prince-cut blouse by watching the video below. Here we have taught you how to do prince cut blouse cutting with paper drafting.

Princess-Cut Blouse Cutting video

the Prince cut blouses cutting tips

Prince_ cut blouses have always been a popular trend in the fashion industry. But we should have some knowledge while cutting.

  • Choose the right clothes.
  • The fabric of the blouse should be complete.
  • First, do the drafting on paper.
  • The body measurement of the blouse should be correct.
  • Prince Cut Blouse Cutting Must Be Perfect
  • Cutting as well as sewing should be correct
  • Lining Wash the lining of the blouse thoroughly
  • Prince cut blouse should have a proper eye hook
  • Proper Piping on Blouse
  • The blouse should be well press

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