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Top 5 Best Sewing Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Best Sewing Tips for Beginners

Sewing Tips for Beginners: Women have to face a lot of difficulties during sewing. In such a situation, you must know about some amazing Sewing Tips related to it.

In olden times women used to sew in every house. But with the changing times, most girls have started losing interest in sewing. Even if you are not proficient in it, but still you need it many times in the house.
Sometimes a cloth gets torn suddenly in the house and sometimes shirt buttons have to be put on. In such a situation, if you know how to sew to some extent, then it is easy for you.
You cannot go to the market again and again. Not only this, if you do not know how to sew well, then you must know about some Sewing Tips.

These best sewing tips will help you make your job easier by eliminating your sewing hassle.
Even if you know how to sew, these hacks are going to be very useful for you-

Use a magnet to hold the needles | Sewing Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Best Sewing Tips for Beginners

Sometimes it happens that we put needles in the box, but they get lost or you get hurt by it. In this case, you use magnets.
You place the needle over a small piece of magnet.
This will make it stick to it and then you won’t lose your needles and you won’t be afraid of inadvertently getting hurt.

frequent thread break in the machine

Do you often break the thread of the machine whenever you sit down to sew clothes?
There can be many reasons for this. The first is that the machine is not to be used for a long time, due to which dust accumulates in it and the thread is not able to flow. So keep cleaning the machine after a certain interval.
Also, check that the thread you are using is not raw as it sometimes happens that the thread breaks under tension.

Stitching doesn’t come right

Remedy- Many times it may happen to you that the stitching stops coming while sewing the clothes. So check to see if you have properly placed the reel on the bottom.
Sometimes in a hurry, the bottom reel does not fit properly, due to which this problem occurs.

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The machine is running heavy

Solution- Sometimes we have to apply a lot of thrusts to operate the machine because it is running very heavy. In such a situation, loosen both the screws of the shuttle case of the machine and remove it.
Clean it thoroughly and then run it on an old cloth to see if the machine is running properly. During this, also check the needle whether the needle is properly inserted or not.

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Take special care of these things

  • Add oil to the sewing machine at regular intervals but never oil the needle, shuttle point, bobbin, threading disc, and rubber ring.
  • Do not pull the fabric while sewing.
  • If the thread is pulling, loosen or tighten the thread by unscrewing the screw.
  • Fit the needle properly. Fit the flat side of the needle to the machine and the rounded corrugated part to the outside.

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