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Top 10 types of sarees names in India

Top 10 Saree Brand Names in India

In today’s post, we will go through the top 10 types of sarees names and all the most popular sarees in India.
Indian women are fond of sarees, but women like to wear different sarees at festivals, parties, and simple occasions.
Nowadays some women also prefer to wear a simple saree for regular use.
We are telling our readers the top 10 types of sarees names of India, if you also want to know, then dear friends definitely read this post completely.

Here is the list of the top 10 types of sarees names

  • Silk saree
  • Banarasi saree
  • Cotton handloom saree
  • Maharashtrian saree
  • patola saree
  • Chanderi Saree
  • Jamdani Saree
  • kalamkari Saree
  • Gadwal Saree
  • Mauwali Saree

1. Women’s First Choice Silk Saree 

The silk sari comes at number one in the list of the top 10 best women to wear to big functions.
Isca fabric is very shiny and its embroidery is amazing.
Quite a few strings are embroidered, some silk sarees are simple or some are embroidered on the border. If embroidery is to be done on a pure silk saree, then somehow a unique design should be made on the design, many types of embroidery are done on it.
Some sarees are embroidered with more zari than white zari or golden zari. Apart from this, other colors are used.
Colors are used to create beautiful designs in silk sarees.
Along with this, the designing of borders is also done well, the designing of hands is done and the designing of hand work is also done.
That’s why this saree is the first choice of women.

2. Best Banarasi saree for Wedding

Banarasi saree is a different type of saree, which women like to wear on the auspicious occasion of marriage and other special events.
Banarasi sarees are made in the Chandauli, Banaras, Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Mirzapur, Mau, Ghazipur, and Kafi districts of Uttar Pradesh.
Its entire ingredients come from Banaras. In Banaras designs are made with embroidery and zari.
Banarasi silk saree is also called a beautiful silk saree.
And earlier pure gold zari was used from it. But now in view of the rising price, fake shiny zari is being used.
Many types of designs are made in it. Many things are used in this Banarasi saree. Like Moti, Booti, ​​Zari, Handicrafts, Jal and Jingle, Jhaler, and many more.

 3. Cotton handloom saree

Cotton handloom saree makes you different from other sarees, this saree is very much liked by women.
The women of politics love to recognize the cotton saree. It is very comfortable and this saree gives a very different look, its embroidery is very different.
Cotton handloom sarees are very soft and made of 100% cotton.
This saree is completely different from other sarees, it can be worn by women of all classes.

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4. Maharashtrian saree for wedding

Maharashtrian saree is a special identity of Maharashtra which is about 9 yards long saree.
This saree is worn by Maharashtrian women on auspicious occasions, and the design of the saree is very attractive.
It has its own early style of wearing which is known only to the women of Maharashtra. But today is the age of the internet. More women in the world have learned to embroider and wear sarees by searching the internet.

5.Patola saree in patan

Patola saree is a type of handloom saree made in Patan, Gujarat. It is usually made of silk.

weaving techniques

The work of making Patola sarees is about seven hundred years old. It takes about a year to make this handloom saree. Patola saree has dancers, an elephant, Parrot, a Peepal leaf, flower composition, aquatic plants, basket decoration figures, lattice images with double outer lines (star figures on saree), and flowers on a dark red background. This saree is very hard to find in the market. To make this saree, silk threads are dyed with vegetable and chemical dyes as per the design. After this weaving is done on the handloom. In the weaving of the whole saree, the same thread is threaded in different colors according to the design. The same art is followed in the cross-thread as well. This work requires a lot of hard work.


Two weavers of different prices of sarees complete it in at least fifteen to twenty days or a year. The cost of Patola sarees can range from five thousand rupees to two lakh rupees, depending on the labor and material cost of the weavers.

fading art

This art of weavers known as Patola Sari is now on the verge of extinction. The number of families who adopted this art in Gujarat during the famous Mughal period in Indian history was about 250. The cost of making Patola saree is not available in the market according to the cost, due to which this art is shrinking.

6. Silk Chanderi saree

Chanderi is unique in both fabric and design. Its name is famous in the country and the world. Chanderi saree is also the first choice of many actresses in Bollywood.

The texture of Chanderi cloth has changed a lot

Almost the British brought cotton yarn from Manchester via Kolkata, after using milled yarn to make Chanderi cloth. This has greatly changed the texture of Chanderi cloth. After this, around 1930, when Japanese silk was placed in the warp and cotton in the weft, the strength of the sari decreased. The threads of both clothes could not join together as before. This is the reason that if the saree is kept folded for a long time, then the saree gets cut from the fold.

Some interesting facts about Chanderi fabric

The history of Chanderi cloth dates back to the Vedic age. Experts say that it was discovered by Shishupala, the son of Lord Krishna’s aunt.
Three types of clothes are being made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Pure Silk, Chanderi Cotton and Silk Cotton.
Chanderi’s development began in 1890 when weavers turned to milled yarn instead of hand-made yarn.
By the 1970s, weavers turned to wet cotton and wet silk. This made the clothes stronger than before.
Patterns of Chanderi sarees such as Nalfarma, Dandidar, Mat, Jangala, and Mehndi hands became quite popular.

History of Chanderi

Chanderi is in Ashok Nagar district of Madhya Pradesh. Today, Chanderi is known for its embroidery and sarees. But the history of Chanderi is as glorious as the embroidery here. The mention of this historical city is also found in the Mahabharata. It was an important military center in the 11th century and major trade routes also passed through it.

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7. Jamdani Saree | types of sarees names

The cotton sarees of West Bengal are called Jamdani and they follow the traditional pattern. Jamdani is a fabric on which designs are engraved without any fuss. Jamdani sarees are very famous for their very fine texture and elaborate designs of muslin and ornate workmanship. A special feature of Jamdani sarees is that they are still mainly made by handloom. Today hand-painted screws are also silk-screened and printed which are quite popular as wall hangings etc.

Varieties of Jamdani Sarees

There are at least six varieties of Jamdani sarees, each taking its name from the village where it originated, and each associated with it. Jamdani retains its original splendor and sophistication in all its myriad local varieties. The original version is known as Dakkai Jamdani, although it is now produced at Navdeep and Dhatigram in West Bengal.

8. kalamkari Saree | kalamkari saree silk

Indian women still prefer to wear sarees at traditional festivals or events.
Kalamkari is a type of handicraft. Kalamkari is made up of two words, “Kalam” meaning “pen” and “Kari” meaning “artisan or craftsmanship”. That is, the saree on which work is done with the help of a pen is called the Kalamkari saree.
This art is mainly practiced in Iran and India.
There are two types of Kalamkari in India. Machilipatnam Kalamkari and Srikalahasti Kalamkari, the handicraft of this two Kalamkari are different. In Machilipatnam Kalamkari style, traditional blocks are used for handicrafts on cloth. Whereas in the Srikalahasti Kalamkari style the pen is used for coloring and painting for handicrafts. There are more artisans doing this work in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Mainly natural dyes are used in Kalamkari. Kalamkari sarees are very beautiful and attractive in appearance.
Its fame can be gauged from the fact that many Bollywood actresses like to wear this saree.

9. Silk Gadwal saree

Gadwal Saree is from Gadwal, Telangana. He is most notable for the zari on the saree. Gadwal sarees are known for their lightweight and commendable zari patterns with well-crafted Kuttu borders and palisades.
This saree is also called the best saree in India, whether it is all the markets in India or online shopping websites, you can get it easily.

10. Mauwali Saree

Mauwali sarees are made in Mau, Ghosi and Ghazipur. These sarees are made from silk sarees by handloom.
The light inside this saree is very high and it is very beautiful to look at.
Many people call this saree imitation of the Varanasi saree, but this is what I want. It would not be correct to call this saree a duplicate as some sarees are better than the sarees of Varanasi.

Names of other different types of famous sarees

  • Kanjeevaram Saree from Tamil Nadu
  • Nauvari Saree from Maharashtra
  • Bandhani Saree from Gujarat
  • Tant Saree from West Bengal
  • Banarsi Saree from Varanasi
  • Chikankari Saree from Lucknow
  • Bomkai Saree from Odisha
  • Chanderi Saree from Madhya Pradesh
  • Kasavu Saree from Kerala
  • Muga Saree from Assam
  • Phulkari Saree From Punjab
  • Pochampally Saree from Telangana

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You must have enjoyed reading and seeing this post, if you want to give any suggestions, then definitely tell by commenting.

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