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Professional Guide to stitch lehenga

Professional Guide to stitch lehenga

stitch lehenga: A lehenga is an outfit that can be worn at any event or party.
For stitch lehenga, we have to take special care of some things, which we are going to tell in a video.
The lehenga is a long Indian garment that originated with the arrival of the Mughals in the early 10th century and was worn by Indian women throughout India.
The lehenga worn everywhere in North India is usually worn on special occasions, festivals, and weddings, the lehenga is worn at the waist.
The main types of fabrics for making lehenga are cotton, silk, and brocade in which many new and contemporary fabrics are used by the new designers.

How to take body measurement of lehenga

We will first take the measurement of the body while sewing the lehenga.
First take the length of the lehenga, which is measured from the waist to the floor, the second measurement is the roundness of your hip.

How much fabric is needed to make a lehenga?

lehenga Various types are made like

  • umbrella cut lehenga
  • kalidar lehenga
  • fish cut lehenga
  • 12 kali lehenga
  • 16 kali lehenga
  • 18 kali lehenga
  • 24 kali lehenga
  • 32 kali lehenga
  • 80 kali lehenga
  • Rajasthani lehenga
  • Rajasthani lehenga for bridal
  • bridal lehenga

double gher lehenga and other types of lehenga. Different fabrics are used in all these lehengas.
So we have to decide which lehenga we want to make.
The lehenga is generally an umbrella cut lehenga that can be made in 4-meter fabric and the kalidar lehenga can be made in the 4-meter fabric also.
Apart from this, if you want to make more circles, then you can make Amrela cut lehenga in 8-meter fabric and you can also make kalidar lehenga in more than 8 fabrics, it depends on you how many circles you want to wear.

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how to cut and stitch lehenga?

To cut and sew lehenga you have to follow the video, in the video, we have explained how you can fold the fabric, and how to do the drafting, and after cutting you can sew that lehenga. In such a situation, you can learn by watching this video, in this way a great lehenga is made.

This is how you can learn to sew a designer lehenga. You must have seen and followed this video well then you can learn how to make best lehenga if you want to see more videos of us then you can visit our youtube channel Meena Boutique

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If you want to make any lehenga perfect, then first you have to learn how to make lehenga, then follow our given video, then you can learn to make the best lehenga and for more information, we have also linked our youtube channel Have given. From there you can learn to make different types of lehengas.


Q. Semi stitched lehenga meaning in Hindi

A. जो लहंगे आपको 70% तक तैयार बाजार से मिलते हैं। उसे हम इसे सेमी स्टिच कहते हैं

Q. How much does it cost to stitch a lehenga?

A. Lehenga stitching can be charged from 1000 to 10000 and above. according to your customized

Q. How much cloth is needed for a lehenga?

A. To make a lehenga, a minimum of 4 meters of fabric is required, it may take more than this according to your customization.

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