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Sewing Machine needle use 9 number to 21 number

Sewing Machine needle use 9 number to 21 number

Sewing Machine needle uses 9 Number to 21 Number: In the sewing machine, we should also use the needle properly with the clothes, otherwise, we may have to face a lot of problems.

Problems such as breaking the thread of the machine, pulling the thread, seeing big holes in the clothes, breaking the needle, etc. can be faced.

Therefore, it is very important to know which number of needles, and which fabric should be used.

Read this post completely so that you get to know a lot about Sewing Machine Needle Numbers.

1. On which cloth do you use the number 9 needle?

 The number 9 needle is used on satin, grace cotton, silk, chiffon, Brasso, Zorjatt, and other fine clothes.

With the number 9 needle, the machine’s setting also has to be done, such as thread matching, correcting the pressure of the machine foot, etc.

If you do not do this, the machine leaves the tape, the fabric is cut.

2. On which cloth do you use the number 11 needle?

The use of an 11-number needle is also equal to the number 9, but there is a slight difference. 11 number needle usually uses 11 number needles on Hojari, satin, siphon, net, velvet, lycra, pure silk, muslin, and fine fabrics.

With this needle, stitching can be done easily on these clothes without any trouble.

The setting of the machine with the number 11 needles also has to be done, such as thread matching, and correcting the pressure of the machine foot. If you do not do this, the machine leaves the tape, the fabric is cut.

3. Which clothes use the number 14 needles?

The number 14 needle is used at all teller shops or boutiques as the number 14 needle, which is our normal and rigid clothes, runs on all of them without any problems and is our most useful needle.

With this needle, you do not have to set the machine repeatedly.

The number 14 needle can be used on cotton, Rubia, velvet, Cinel, blouse, suit, medium dress, Boyle, lining blouse, churidar suit, lehenga, South Cotton, Rion, Shirt, Kurta, etc. without any hassle.

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4. Which clothes are used on the number 16 needle?

The number 16 needle is the most used needle in our tailoring line. You can use the 16-number needle on every type of fabric.

The needle of this number can easily be used on all other clothes except thick clothes and leather, such as on all normal clothes, blouses, suits, hot clothes, petticoats, pants, shirts, normal coats, etc.

5. Which clothes use 18-number needles?

In addition to using the number 18 needle, you will also have to set the machine because if you are already using another needle, the machine will be set according to the same needle.

If you do not do this, the needle falls on the Satal and the needle breaks. During this time the needle can also fall into the suttle.

So when you are doing a needle change, once you have checked the setting of the machine, check whether the setting is correct or not.
The number 18 needle is used on paints, coats, curtains, mattress covers, seat covers, plastic bags, and thick clothes.

6. Which 21 and 22 number needles are used on clothes?

The number 21 needle treading line is of little use. The machine is also slightly different for this needle. The needle of numbers 21, and 22 are used on thick clothes such as leather, bags, canvas, jeans, and leather.

The numbers of these two needles are different. Both needles are equal in length but uneven in thickness.

Many times it happens that even after changing the needle in the machine and setting its settings, the machine leaves the tape. If there are too many problems in the setting of the machine, then show the mechanic of any machine.

In this way, you can use a 9-number to 21-number needle in a Sewing Machine.

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Q. What are the different needle sizes?

By the way, needles from number 9 to number 21 are found in India and are used in different clothes. Which we have mentioned in the above post

Q. What are the 3 types of needles?

There are many types of sewing machine needles and they are used according to the fabric. Just like a small machine is different and a big machine is different

Q. What are the different types of needles?

Different needles are used for different fabrics. Different needles are used on hosiery fabrics, and different needles are used on cotton fabrics. Small and large machines also use different needles.

Q. What do needle size numbers mean?

Sewing machine needles vary in size between fabric and machine. e.g. from number 9 to number 21

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