Rajasthani Dress

Royal traditional Rajputi dress

Royal traditional Rajputi dress

Royal traditional Rajputi dress: The culture and personality of a person are identified by the clothes of the person. Traditional clothes have their own importance in life. Rajput women in Rajasthan wear their special dress, which is known as the Rajputi garment by the people of Rajasthan, this garment is also a symbol and symbol of Rajput culture.
This garment has its own important place in Rajasthan, it is as beautiful as it looks, it is complete,
Rajasthani Rajputi Suit which is stitched in 4-meter fabric (Odhni separately). After wearing it, no part of the body is visible and this is the reason why all the women in Rajasthan like to wear it.
If we talk about it, apart from Rajput women, women of other castes and women of other states like to wear these clothes.
The “royal form” of this garment. The beauty of women is reflected in their clothes. And every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive.
This wish of the woman, this Rajputi dress of the woman wearing it is fulfilled. In the Rajasthani language, this garment is called by names like besh, Suit, Ghaba, Paushak, Bari (wedding dress), etc.

Royal traditional Rajputi dress for women

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Another special feature of this garment is that all the suits are stitched in the same way. Only the designs and colors printed on the fabric and the fabric are different, the style of tailoring is only one, that is to say, there are many types of designs in salwar suits, there are many types of designs, that the garment in it. Despite this, Rajputi’s dress is heavy on fashion.

This royal dress attracts other states and foreigners as well.
This Rajputi dress attracts the women of Rajasthan to other provinces and also to foreign women and people.

how to make Royal Rajputi dress

Let us tell you that there are 4 parts to the Rajputi dress.

  • Kurti
  • Kanchli
  • Ghagra (lehenga)
  • Odhani (pulp)

1. Kurti – part of traditional Rajputi poshak

Royal traditional Rajputi dress
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Stitched in one-meter fabric, this Kurti is like normal Kurtis, like the above, just above the knees, but it is half-sleeved, with no sides attached.

Piping is applied at each joint of the neck, shoulders, and lower part of the Kurti.

2. Kanchli – part of Rajputi poshak

Royal traditional Rajputi dress
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It is worn inside the Kurti, which is stitched into half a meter fabric, it is tied till the elbow, on which piping is also installed at each joint of the stitching.

3. Ghagra (lehenga) part of the best royal Rajputi dress

lehenga Royal traditional Rajputi dress

The lehenga made in 2.5-meter cloth can be stitched with or without buds. Mangji is applied in the lower part of this circular lehenga as well as piping is applied on the seam of the lower circle.

4. Lugdi (Odhani) part of best rajputi poshak

The two-and-a-half meter-long Odhani is beautifully decorated with Gote.

Royal traditional Rajputi dress for men

There are many dress styles of men in Rajputi attire, with dress according to the style. These garments include kurta-pajama, coat-pants, blazer, sherwani, safa, etc.

Talking about men’s dress style in Rajputi dress, many styles will be seen in Jodhpur, Rajwadi, Vadodara, Jodhpuri Suit, Marwari, Shahi, Party Wear, Indo. Rajputi dress combinations vary according to all styles


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Overall Rajasthani traditional dress Rajputi is a very beautiful dress and nice dress all dress has its own place but Rajputi dress has a different identity which adds beauty in males and females so if you are looking for Rajputi dress If you are a fan then you can definitely try it once.

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