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How to make dhoti salwar very easy way

How to make dhoti salwar very easy way

Friends, today we are going to know about such an outfit which is worn not only in India but in different countries.
Today we will learn how to make dhoti salwar through a video, in this video, we have told about how to do dhoti salwar cutting and stitching.
It is explained step by step in a very easy way. The latest lungi salwar is a unique outfit, it is a different type of dhoti salwar.
It may take you some time to make it, which we have explained in a very easy way in this video.

We will proceed with some steps to make salwar

1. Body measurement

Before making it, his body has to be measured, some parts of the body have to be measured, like

  • Total Length
  • Belt length and width
  • Mori Measurement
  • salwar waist measurement
  • hip size

2. How much fabric does it take to make it?

2.25 meters of cloth is required to make a dhoti salwar. It can be more or less depending on the size.

Lycra fabric is the best for dhoti salwar, no other fabric gives the look we want, so go for lycra cloth.

How to cut and sew dhoti salwar

Friends, here we learned about the body measurement of lungi Salwar and learned about its fabric, now the next step is how to cut and stitch Dhoti Salwar, so in the video below we have shown very easy ways.
If you tell about its cutting and stitching, then you can watch this video completely and learn how to make the best lungi Salwar.
If you face any problem anywhere then you must give your opinion by commenting in the below comment box or if you have any questions. You can also comment on us if you want

Watch this amazing video in full

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So, friends, we have learned to make Dhoti Salwar in a small article, it is very easy to make, and if you have watched the video well then you can make it easier, what we learned is as follows.
cloth measurement
cutting and sewing
This is how you can learn how to make Lungi Salwar

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