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Punjabi suit design for neck

Punjabi suit design for neck

The most important part of a beautiful kurti is its neck. The upper portion of your kurti attracts more attention than the rest of the kurti. Now, what happens on top of the kurti – the neck design of the kurti. So if you are into kurti stitching, then this Punjabi suit neck design for the neck can be your inspiration. Here we have shown some unique neck designs which are very beautiful and the latest neck designs.

Anchor thread front neck design

There are many different designs that can be made with anchor thread for front-neck designs. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Floral Embroidery: Use anchor thread to create a beautiful floral design along the neckline. Choose from different colors to create a colorful and eye-catching design.

Geometric Shapes: Use anchor thread to create a series of geometric shapes along the neckline. This can be a series of triangles, squares, or other shapes that create an interesting and modern design.

Lacy Pattern: Use anchor thread to create a lacy pattern along the neckline. It can be a delicate and feminine design that adds a touch of elegance to the apparel.
The design you choose for the anchor thread front neck design will depend on your personal style and the look you are going for. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and patterns to create a unique and beautiful design.

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Punjabi suit design for neck

Punjabi suit design for neck

Punjabi suits are traditional Indian wear that is popular among women of all ages. The neck design of a Punjabi suit can vary depending on the style and personal preference of the wearer. These are popular neck designs for Punjabi suits

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Round Neck with Bijia Gota

Such front-neck designs look gorgeous. Gota has been used to make it, which looks very beautiful. You too can look different by getting your Punjabi suit made in a new design like this. This suit-neck design is the best option for you.

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Punjabi suit design for neck

Stand collar with tie-safe neck design

This type of stand collar neck design is very popular, it can be worn in any party and the tie safe given in it is making it more beautiful, you can also try this type of neck design for your suit.

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Unique and Stylish Punjabi Suit Neck Design

This type of Punjabi suit neck design will be liked by all of you because the work given in it is very beautiful. And the work done in it is the embroidery work which is adding charm to this suit. You can make many designs like this and look different

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Punjabi suit design for neck

Round neck design with lace

If you want to give a new look to your suit, then you can get this neck design made. This neck design is made using lace in the round neck, which is very easy and beautiful to see and make. The churidar suit in your Patiala suit. You can look different by getting this new design made in a Punjabi suit.

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Punjabi suit design for neck

Punjabi suit neck design with embroidery

The neck design of this type of suit looks very beautiful. Neck designs made in this type of embroidery work look very beautiful. This neck design with white color looks very beautiful, you can definitely make it in your suit.

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Potli button with stand collar suit neck design

This type of neck design with potli buttons looks very beautiful, stand collar is used in this, this is also a very nice neck design, it can be worn by everyone and wear this type of neck design to give unique look to your Patiala suit. can design neck design

Punjabi suit back neck design

This back neck design is made in the double neck, which is a very simple and beautiful neck design, you can make it in your Punjabi suit.

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Punjabi suit design for back  neck

Unique and stylish neck design

This new design is a very beautiful neck design, bow is used to make it, which looks very beautiful in the back neck design of the suit, it is also very easy to make and you can make it in your Patiala suit, churidar suit Are.


Here we have shown extremely beautiful neck designs which are front and back neck designs and the latest trending neck designs in 2023. You can also make beautiful neck designs for your suits by taking ideas from these Punjabi suit neck designs.

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